IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Preliminary Information on NIH Salary Cap for 2017

The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) has recently issued guidance indicating that the salary cap for Executive Level II salaries has been raised to $187,000. See the guidance at: for full information.  

While we expect NIH to make a formal announcement continuing their application of the Executive Level II salary level to all NIH awards, no announcement has been made to date.

Anticipating that NIH will continue to apply the Executive Level II salary cap to their awards, OSP believes it is appropriate to use the new salary cap of $187,000 when budgeting on NIH proposals. We will provide additional information on the salary cap once NIH issues a formal notice. Please note that, once NIH issues their notice, guidance on this matter may change. 

OSP Proposal Review Guidelines

The Office of Sponsored Programs is open from 8:00am – 5:00pm each business day. Proposals with due dates and times outside of regular business hours must be received for review and submission in accordance with the stratified process described below and will be processed during regular business hours.

The level of proposal review that will be provided is based upon the date that the proposal is received by OSP. “Proposal Received” refers to OSP’s receipt of both the routed EPEX record and the final submission version of the proposal (whether in Cayuse, Fastlane, Proposal Central, or other method).

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When preparing budgets for NIH grant proposals which include post docs with any proposed activity occurring 12/1/16 or later, the stipend levels should be budgeted at an annual rate of $47,476 (or higher if current stipend level is higher).  NIH has provided guidance that this budgeting practice is now appropriate and an increase in post doc stipends is anticipated.  Unfortunately, additional guidance about any new stipend levels has not been provided to date.  

**Please note that, as with all budgeted expenses, the levels at which we will be able to spend is dependent upon sponsor approval and any other guidelines that are yet to be issued by NIH.  While we do not have any written guidance from NIH, we have been verbally advised by NIH that the best action, at this point, is to budget at the higher level.

For currently active awards, NIH has not provided written guidance about their intentions to provide additional funding.  Emory University, like its peer research institutions, is awaiting further guidance and is currently evaluating how to best handle these additional costs.  As decisions are made, additional guidance will be provided.

Kerry Peluso, CPA
Associate Vice President
Office of Research Administration

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