Campus Award Notification

Once the award and the appropriate associated projects are established within Compass, the Data Management Group generates the Electronic Notice of Award (eNOA). The eNOA provides the Award ID and some demographic information, such as the agency name, the agency reference number, the title of the award, award dates, etc. It also shows the Project ID number(s) associated with the Award ID, as well as, the budget information for the project(s) broken into Direct Cost, F&A, and Total including the F&A rate and the base on which it was applied. The Key Personnel section of the eNOA provides information on the Key Personnel listed on the award, their effort and their role on the award. Other sections of the eNOA include Certifications, Subcontracts, and Remarks & Comments (if applicable). All sections of the eNOA should be reviewed, with particular attention paid to the ChartField information section, which is what permits spending on the award.The ChartField information section lists the SmartKey with its exploded values for each project. It is suggested that all department administrators review this section to ensure that the Department and Operating Units are correct before spending begins on the SmartKey.

The eNOA along with all of the agency award documents are scanned and uploaded into a third-party system called Comsquared. An email is sent to a listserv address that is based on the primary project's department.The email contains a link for users to log into Comsquared where they are able to view, save, print and forward any documents to all relevant parties.

**It is important to note that if the award crosses multiple Departments or Schools, only the primary Department will receive access to the award documents and must forward them to any additional Departments/Schools. The other Departments/Schools will not receive any notification from the system and will not have security access.

**The Department Listservs are co-managed by the Department Administrator and the Data Management group. Changes to the listserv should be made at the department-level, except when the Department Administrator has left. In such cases, the Data Management Group can be contacted to add the new co-manager/owner.