SmartKey Establishment

GRANT SmartKeys are established from the Grants Module within the project budgets page, GRANT > AWARDS > PROJECT > PROJECT BUDGETS.  They can also be looked up by using the Project ID on the SmartKey Maintenance page, SMART SOLUTIONS > SMARTKEY > SMARTKEY MAINTENANCE >MAINTAIN SMARTKEYS.  All grant SmartKeys are set-up within the EMUNV business unit. 

SmartKeys were established as a 10-digit code to expedite data entry of the full ChartField string.  If they did not exist, individuals would be required to type in all the ChartField values listed in Project Budgets.  SmartKeys  should not be used as the criteria for reporting.

Originally, SmartKey descriptions were assigned by the system using a predetermined logic that was not editable.  The system took the first 16 characters of the project title then added part of the project’s business unit (GL ChartField), the Class/ NACUBO ChartField and then EMUNV.  Now, however, due to a modification of the system and a new business process, the SmartKey description will no longer use the original, predetermined logic.  The project title is now the SmartKey description.  If a description still uses the original logic the department can complete the SmartKey Inactivation Request Form using SAM Kiosk.