OSP Proposal Review Guidelines

The Office of Sponsored Programs is open from 8:00am – 5:00pm each business day. Proposals with due dates and times outside of regular business hours must be received for review and submission in accordance with the stratified process described below and will be processed during regular business hours.

The level of proposal review that will be provided is based upon the date that the proposal is received by OSP. “Proposal Received” refers to OSP’s receipt of both the routed EPEX record and the final submission version of the proposal (whether in Cayuse, Fastlane, Proposal Central, or other method).

Proposals received at least 5 days in advance of a published deadline will receive full review.  OSP staff are expected to successfully submit proposals to external sponsors within 2 business days of receipt.  Principal Investigators will be notified if any problems with the proposal requires additional time to resolve prior to submission.  Full review will include (but not be limited to):

Conformance with all university policies, as well as with regulations of sponsoring agency, including federal regulations when applicable;

Proposal against guidelines for all required (and unallowable) forms, formatting, materials, and electronic submission validation rules, and other requirements;

Review of budget for:

Accuracy and appropriate methodology;

Fringe rate;

Appropriate FAC rate (indirect costs);

Unallowable costs;

Consistency between budget and budget justification;

Sponsor budget limitations;

Committed cost-share (voluntary or mandatory);

Consistency between EPEX record and agency submission documents;

Compliance with regulatory requirements (COI, IRB, IACUC, etc.);

Appropriate support letters, including consortium partners;

The level of review provided by OSP for proposals received less than 5 days in advance of the agency deadine is entirely at the discretion of OSP based on workload volume and time available.

Proposals received from 3-4 days ahead of the agency deadline - The focus of  review will shift to identification of system issues that would prevent submission rather than full substantive review of proposal content. Depending on staff availability and competing demands for time, review may be limited to:

General conformance to sponsor guidelines/requirements;

Fringe/FAC issues as noted above;

Committed cost-share (voluntary or mandatory);

Compliance with regulatory requirements (COI, IRB, IACUC, etc.); and

System-related submission issues - primarily validation rules.

Proposals received less than 48 hours prior to the published deadline – The review will focus on compliance and system-related submission issues, rather than proposal content.  OSP will work with the research team on system compatibility and submission but cannot assure successful submission of proposals routed to OSP less than 24 hours before submission deadlines.

Proposals due after 5pm on day of deadline – Complete proposals must be received in OSP no later than 5:00 pm on the submission deadline day. 

Irrespective of the timeframe in which a proposal is submitted to OSP or the sponsoring agency, it is ultimately the responsibility of the PI and members of the research team to ensure that the proposal, itself, conforms to all agency and University regulations, policies, and guidelines.