The Uniform Guidance

The Office of Management and Budget has combined many federal circulars, including A21 and A110, into a single guidance document that can be used by all agencies.  The combined document, called “Uniform Guidance," can be viewed at  Uniform Guidance.   Federal agencies are currently developing their implementation plans under this guidance.  We expect to have those available to us in the fall with the exception of NSF, which should be available very soon.   These new regulations are set to become effective on December 26, 2014.  It is anticipated that it will apply for any awards issued following that date.  Some processes, procedures, and policies at Emory will require updating based upon these changes.   Additional information will be provided as we learn more about this new guidance.

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Navigating the Uniform Guidance

The Uniform Guidance is broken down into its following subparts. Each part can be viewed at:

Preamble - Major Policy Reforms
Subpart A (200.0 - 200.99) - Acronyms and Definitions
Subpart B (200.100 - 200.113) - General Provisions
Subpart C (200.200 - 200.211) - Pre Award Requirements
Subpart D (200.300 - 200.345) - Post Award Requirements
Subpart E (200.400 - 200.475) - Cost Principles
Subpart F (200.500 - 200.521) - Audit Requirements (includes Appendices I-XI) - Subpart F will apply to audits of fiscal years beginning on or after December 26, 2014

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